Financial Wellness for Teens:

What they don't teach you about money at school!

Master your money now, so you get off to a great start towards your future wealth!

Hey Teens, Ready to Boss Your Finances? 🚀

You're not too young to start understanding money! Imagine buying your first car, putting down a payment on your dream home, or even starting your own business. It's all possible, and it starts NOW!

And Hey Parents, Ready for Peace of Mind? 🌟

Concerned about your teen's financial future and frustrated that they don't learn this stuff at school? Rest easy knowing they're getting solid financial education designed for the real world! Taught by an actual accountant with over 20 years worth of experience of financial management both in their business and personal life.

What we offer

Financial Guides

Get the lowdown on the key elements of financial wellness:

  • Savings - your future starts now

  • The credit card trap - know before you swipe

  • The 8th wonder of the world - The power of compounding

  • Navigating student loans - understand before you sign

13 week course

Sign up for our ultimate 13-week / 3 month course! It's perfect for fulfilling the Duke of Edinburgh Skills Module or just to level up your financial knowledge.

It will be one hour a week for 13 weeks, investing in your future self and wealth.

Why us?

Expert-Designed 🎓

Created by Fiona Brownlee, Chartered Management Accountant and mum of three teens.

Parent-Approved 🙌

We focus on practical, real-world skills that every parent would want their teens to know.

Duke of Edinburgh Compatible 👑

This scheme has been approved by the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and fits all the criteria and we are therefore on their list of Approved Activity Providers!

This means that this course is approved for the skills section.

Giving back

For every course we sell, we will offer a free course to a child in poverty in the UK.

We are committed to transparency and will publicly share our progress to ensure accountability.

While we are still finalising the details of how we will implement this initiative, our mission remains to uplift and improve the lives of British children, who may not otherwise have access to financial education.

More about the Course Creator

Fiona Brownlee is a Chartered Management Accountant, with over 20 years finance experience and runs a successful accounting business that provides Virtual Finance Office Services, Finance Director Services and Business Advice to SME's

More can be found out about Fiona's accountancy business at

Fiona grew up in the North of England and moved to London to pursue a career in Finance. Fast forward a few years and she moved to Johannesburg where she continued to build a successful career for 10 years around her three children.

Her children are now teenagers and she lives in the Surrey countryside with her husband, children, husky and a golden retriever and kitty cat.

Thank you

Thank you to Priya Williams for her expert advice around Investments and Pensions for the course.

Priya spent her childhood in both England and Mauritius before returning to the Uk to finish her studies.

She started her career in accountancy before a change of career to financial advice when her daughter was born in 2013. She has over 15 years of finance experience and runs a successful financial advice practice in Westerham.

Priya lives in Surrey, with her husband, daughter and son, along with two kitties!

More about Priya and her Financial Planning business can be found at

We are proud to be an Approved Activity provider for the skills section of the D of E award programme 👑

Financial Wellness For Teens