What we offer

Financial Guides

Get the lowdown on the key elements of financial wellness:

  • Savings - your future starts now

  • The credit card trap - know before you swipe

  • The 8th wonder of the world - The power of compounding

  • Navigating student loans - understand before you sign

Our 3 month course on Financial Wellness

This course is perfect for the 3 month Duke of Edingburgh module - or just if you want to upskill your financial knowledge and get ahead on the bits about finance they don't teach you at school.

It will be one hour a week for 13 weeks, investing in your future self and wealth.

Each one hour module is broken down into smaller bitesize recordings so you don't get overwhelmed. You can binge in one hour, or spread it over the week.

You'll have a planner for each week for notes, quizzes and financial mini projects to take part in.

Giving back

For every course we sell, we will offer a free course to a child in poverty in the UK.

We are committed to transparency and will publicly share our progress to ensure accountability.

While we are still finalising the details of how we will implement this initiative, our mission remains to uplift and improve the lives of British children, who may not otherwise have access to financial education.

We are proud to be an Approved Activity provider for the skills section of the D of E award programme 👑


Financial Wellness For Teens